Titus Vespasian and the Fall of Jerusalem

September 16, 2022

Sketches from Church History Part 1: 70-451

Christians need to know their Bibles and their theology. Christians should also know their own history. Good, bad, or ugly—and church history has all three—as Christians we have a 2,000-year history filled with stories to tell and lessons to learn. In this class, we will look at ten different individuals from the first four centuries—from Constantine to Chrysostom to the Cappadocians. By focusing on one person (or a group of people) each week, we will explore the broader themes, ideas, and movements from the early church.


  1. Titus Vespasian and the Fall of Jerusalem
  2. Irenaeus and the Thrill of Orthodoxy
  3. Perpetua and Felicitas and the Martyrs of the Church
  4. Anthony and the Rise of Monasticism
  5. Constantine and the Conversion of the Empire
  6. Athanasius and the Threat of Arianism
  7. Donatus and the Problem of the Lapsed
  8. Chrysostom and the Preaching of the Gospel
  9. Augustine and the Twilight of Rome
  10. Cyril of Alexandria and the Two Natures of Christ

This course was initially designed for 13 weeks, but because of the church's schedule and Kevin's travel calendar, these are the 10 lessons he taught.