Podcast - Life and Books and Everything

A Lifetime of Books and Ministry With D.A. Carson

September 28th, 2022

With more than 50 books and hundreds of articles, not to mention scores of edited works, Don Carson has written a lot. In this retrospective on life and books and everything, Kevin asks Dr. Carson about his father, how he sees the state of the church, and what books he especially enjoyed (or didn’t enjoy) writing. From Bible commentaries to books on current events to a grammar on Greek accents, Kevin explores the why, what, and how of Don’s remarkable writing career.


Intro and Sponsor [0:00-1:40]

Guest: D.A. Carson [1:41- 5:48]

Book Discussions:

Memoirs of an Ordinary Pastor [5:49-18:33]

For the Love of God devotionals [18:34-24:48]

The Gospel According to John commentary [24:49-33:58]

The Gagging of God [33:59-45:55]

The Intolerance of Tolerance [45:56-48:42]

Sponsor 2 [48:43-49:32]

Most and Least Favorite Books [49:33-56:25]

How to Write Like D.A. Carson [56:26-1:02:19]

Exegetical Fallacies [1:02:20-1:04:50]

The Theme of Carson's Writing [1:04:51-1:09:30]

What Book(s) Does the Church Need? [1:09:31-1:13:46]